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DIY Handmade Toys Ideas For Kids

Kids love toys and it doesn’t matter how many of them they have, they still keep asking for more. Toys have a big role in their development. Each and every toy has a very special place in our children’s heart.

I remember how in school we were taught to make handmade toys, toys made out of rags, old socks, and old material lying around the house and knitted toys. I thought of making the same with my kids. The project would be interesting for sure, it will bring out their imagination and creativity plus we can have a good craft to do over the weekend.

When I suggested my kids that we can make our toys at home, they could not believe at first. For them toys can only bought from the market. So, we decided that we will make our own toys at home and have lots and lots of fun while making them and playing with them.

Old Socks Toys

Toys made out of old socks are very simple and easy to make. For this we used old socks, markers, rags, material to stuff inside like old foam, sponge pieces, cotton, rags etc.


For this doll, we took two pair of socks. One sock to make the body and one for the dress. Here is how we made it:

We took an old piece of cloth of skin colour, kept some foam in it and gave it the shape of a ball. I stitched it to make the face. My daughter made the features with a marker.

For the body, we took a sock, cut the part which covers the leg. I stitched it from below and let the kids fill it with foam pieces. After filling the sock piece, I stitched the head and body together. I cut the remaining piece of sock into half, filled it with foam and stitched it to form the arms. I joined the arms with the body. My daughters had a great time in dressing the doll with rags.


My daughters are crazy about Peppa Pig and George Pig. They asked me whether we can make them too.

We tried to make Mr Dinosaur with an old sock.

For this, we traced the drawing of Mr Dinosaur on a sheet of paper. I cut the socks in the shape of Mr Dinosaur and stitched it. We filled it up with cotton wool. We used old black cloth pieces to give the shape of arms and legs, filled it up with cotton and joined it. The teeth were made by using laces and eyes with a black button.

How about a mom and a baby doll? We used an old cardboard box and covered it with cloth to make our own doll house.

Hand knitted Toys and Finger Puppets

When my daughters showed their toys to their grandmother, she joined the fun too and made hand knitted finger puppets and toys for them.

These are the various knitted finger puppets for our finger family song. Can you see that there is George Pig too and Nariyal Anna from Art Attack? Not to forget Kung Foo Panda.


These hand knitted dolls can be used as finger puppets as well as any other dolls to play with.


We made Peppa Pig too. The knitting part can be done by an adult and stuffing part can be done by the kids.

Rag Toys

What to do when you have pieces of old cloth lying around? We made rag toys. Just cut the cloth piece in the shape of the toy you want and fill it up with cloth pieces. With a few stitches, it’s done.



Benefits of Home Made Toys

I must say we had hours of fun and learning too while making these toys. There are several benefits of this activity:

  1. Children can use them as puppets or like toys for make belief playing. We can also make our own toys for storytelling.
  2. These toys are very safe to use. There is no hazardous material used in it. These are not plastic. Even if the child puts it in his mouth, there is no harm.
  3. These are very cost friendly. Toys these days are very expensive and make a hole in our pockets. Home-made toys save money.
  4. These are also a good craft activity for kids. Kids not only enjoy making them but also learn a lot.
  5. Toy making saves plenty of screen time. Kids get involved in a constructive activity and get some time off from the screens.
  6. Kids lean to value and save money. They get to learn that they can save money and buying innumerable toys leads to a waste of money.
  7. These toys are very environment friendly. Plastic toys are extremely hazardous. We are extremely worried while using plastic toys as kids might put them in their mouth and also they are unsafe for the environment. These toys are biodegradable also based on the principles of the 4 R’s- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


So, go ahead and enjoy this fun activity with your kid during the Christmas holidays. No more getting bored or being glued to the TV. This activity is sure to give you endless fun and learning too.

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Understanding Cyber Safety and Protecting Our Kids from Online Dangers

We live in a world where we are surrounded by technology. Internet has become an essential part of our lives. With an easy access to internet, we can enter a whole new world of knowledge, resources and social media. This is the digital world where we can enter with a simple swipe of screen. This lucrative and highly useful digital world is never free from its potential threats and dangers. The most vulnerable victims of this digital world are our kids.

Our innocent kids get easily lured by the videos, images and animations shown to them over the mobiles. They get easily attracted and addicted to the online content being shown to them. Therefore, it becomes highly important to protect them from the various cyber dangers and ensure their online safety.

What is cyber safety and why is it so important?

From the very beginning we become extremely careful with kids. We try to protect them in our best possible way from any danger. We even teach our kids about keeping themselves safe in and out of the house. Just like our world, the digital world is also full of threats, predators, thieves and other bad elements. People try to hack our accounts, steal our identities, and sneak into our private lives and of course, the exposure to inappropriate content.

Children learn to swipe the screens of the mobiles even before they learn to speak clearly. They recognise the icons and know how to play the content of their choice. That is where the problem starts. We think and ensure ourselves that our child is merely watching his favourite cartoon and leave our phones in their custody. But the child might accidentally misprint something or click on the content which he or she must not be exposed to.

Recently, we came to know about the infamous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ and how teenagers have started committing suicide because of that. That is just one example of how dangerous the digital world can be and how vulnerable our kids are.


What are the various Cyber Dangers?

There can be various kinds of cyber dangers. To name a few:

1.  Exposure to inappropriate or adult content

2.  Cyber bullying or cyber harassment from others online

3.  Eye strain or wrist strain

4.  Internet addiction

5.  Bad websites like chat room, computer games which might have adult content and other social networking sites.


Five Golden Rules for entering the digital world

Just like we teach our kids certain rules for their safety. There are certain rules which we need to teach our kids for ensuring cyber safety.

1)  Don’t give out personal information like address or phone number.

2)  Don’t send our pictures of yourself to anyone especially indecent pictures.

3) Don’t open emails or attachments from persons you don’t know.

4)  If there is anything that you see or read online, worries you, tell someone about it.

5)  Never arrange to meet someone in person whom you have met online.


Ten tips to ensure online safety of our kids

1. Use an internet security suite on all the computers you own.

2. Keep your home network secured with a good password and security settings.

3. Learn to avoid clicking links, ads and emails from people you don’t know.

4. Use a good password which is unique and complex on all your devices and accounts. It should have a good combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

5. Talk to your kids about avoiding cybercrime and tell them to be cautious.

6. Advise your kids never to share passwords, not even with close friends.

7. Teach your children to log out of computers after finishing their work.

8. Use the security and privacy settings on all your social networks and all accounts to limit who can access your posts.

9. Learn about parental control settings for all your devices.

10. Talk to your kids regularly about how to use technology.

With these measures in mind, try to keep your kids safe online. Be alert and be cautious before handing out any gadgets to your kids because you never know who might try to harm them and where.

I am writing this post for #MMM #MondayMommyMoments. This post is in link up with Deepa Gandhi and Dr Amrita Basu


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Fun and Easy to Make Recipes Using Dr. Oetker FunFoods

With kids in the house the questions like, “what are you going to make? Can you make something different? We don’t want to eat this. Can you make something tasty?” become regularly heard of. Whatever we make, how many new recipes we try, kids easily get bored of them and want something “different”. I always keep trying new recipes with healthy ingredients and with kids, it is important that the food should look good and be tasty too. Dr. Oetker FunFoods comes to my rescue in situation like these when my kids suddenly refuse to eat what has already been prepared.

Here are a few recipes which can be prepared very quickly when kids like mine refuse to eat anything and run at the sight of vegetables:

1.   Grilled Sandwich

Grilled sandwich is very easy to make and the best part is that we can use a lot of vegetables in it and kids like it very much.


Bread Slices            4 slices


Chaat masala

Onion                    1 (chopped)

Bell peppers (Red and Yellow)      1 each (chopped)

Dr. Oetker FunFoods Veg Mayonnaise Garlic

Oregano                   (to taste)

Salt                          (to taste)



Take some mayonnaise in a bowl. Mix chopped onion, chopped bell peppers in it. Add salt, chaat masala and oregano in it. Spread this mixture on a slice of bread. Put another bread slice over it. Apply butter on top of the bread slice. Put the sandwich in the grilled sandwich maker for a few minutes. Cut it into halves and the sandwich is ready to serve.

2.   Bread Pizza

I find homemade bread pizza much better and healthy. They can be made very quickly any time and the finely chopped vegetables find a way in the little tummies very easily. My kids love it and eat all the vegetables that I put in it.


Bread slices                            4

Onion                                       1 (chopped)

Bell Peppers (Red and Yellow)   1 each (chopped)

Paneer                                     250 gms cut in small cubes

Oregano                                        (to taste)

Salt                                                  (to taste)

Mozzarella cheese                           grated

Dr. Oetker FunFoods Pizza Topping


Mix chopped onion, chopped bell peppers and paneer in a bowl. Put salt and oregano. Take bread slices. Spread Dr. Oetker  FunFoods Pizza topping evenly on the surface of the bread. Spread the vegetable mixture on the slice of bread. Sprinkle finely grated cheese over it. Pre heat the oven. Put the bread pizza in the oven in for ten minutes. Bread pizza is ready to eat.

Chocolate Vanilla Layered Cake

Kids love to eat desserts. Chocolate layered cake is extremely easy and fun to make with the help of Dr. Oetker FunFoods Vanilla Cake mix and Dr. Oetker FunFoods Chocolate Spread. My daughter loves to help me make. The best part is the fun that we have in the kitchen while making and baking our cake.


Dr. Oetker FunFoods 11 recipes cake mix

Dr. Oetker FunFoods Chocolate Spread

Cake sprinklers

Refined oil to grease


Make the cake according to the method given on the pack of the cake mix. Dr. Oetker FunFoods cake turns out to be wonderfully spongy. Very carefully slice the cake horizontally from the middle. You will now have two equal slices of the cake. Spread chocolate spread evenly on top of one slice. Put the other slice over it. Spread the chocolate spread once again over the top of the cake. Put Cake sprinklers and keep it in the refrigerator.

I am sure you will have a lot of fun in cooking these fun recipes. Do share your views and other fun recipes that you love to cook for your little ones.

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Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia: A Book Review


About the Book:

Adventures in Farland is a book written for young readers between the age group of 6-15. The book is based on fantasy fiction. The story revolves around a young girl called Mira who chances upon to meet, Bushy from Farland and is invited to the New Moon Party by Princess Harmonica. Farland is a magical place about which Mira has heard stories from her mother. The gnomes, the fairies, the toads, the eagles and many other strange characters live in Farland.

Mira gladly accepts the invitation and is taken to Farland by Starlight, the best pilot of Farland. It was like a dream come true for her. She was travelling to a place she had heard about in the stories and was believed to be a fairy-tale. It was then that her adventures begin. She comes to know how the land of Farland is under danger by a witch who wants to destroy everything. Even though, she is a complete stranger to the place, Mira agrees to help the people of Farland. During her mission to save the land, she visits some of the most fascinating places and meets some of the strangest creatures. Will she be able to save the beautiful land of Farland?

moshank book 2

Characters of the Book:

The book portrays some very interesting and magical creatures. The Characters are very interesting, curious and relatable.  The character of Bushy, for example, is very strange too. He has a bush on his head instead of hair.

The character of Mira is portrayed as a beautiful, brave and kind hearted girl. She thinks wisely and acts bravely even at the most crucial moments.  She remains calm and composed throughout her adventures.

Mira was accompanied by her two friends, Vira and Bira, the twin brothers who constantly kept quarrelling. They were turned into rats by Bushy so that they do not disturb the party.

Some other interesting characters of the book are Starlight, Queen Halo, Princess Harmonica, Ugly the Giant and the Windman.

The Narrative Style:

The narrative of the book is very gripping from the beginning till the end. The imagery used in the book is very vivid providing enough room for imagination to the young readers. The imagery used is very descriptive and vivid. The reader can visualise the story very clearly. The language used is very simple with some new words to enhance the vocabulary of its targeted audience. The use of song in the train sequence helps lighten the tension building up during the sequence of events. The element of suspense holds the curiosity of the readers till the very end. There is never a dull moment during the flow of the storyline. The story comes with morals too by the way of the characters. The way the twins were punished and turned into rats and the way Mira acted bravely and wisely provides a lesson to the young readers.

About the Author:

The book is written by Moshank Relia, a graduate in English literature with a love for children and story writing. Moshank is passionate about photography and trekking and holds certificate in creative writing, theatre and sketching. It is the first book written by him. His art of storytelling and the ability to hold his audience can well be seen in the book. The way he has crafted the story and the sequence of events in the book makes the reader asking for more.

I am very thankful to him for providing me with an opportunity to review his book. The minute I started reading the book, I could not put it down. It was almost as if I could see it happening right in front of me, making me a part of the journey.   When I told my daughter about the storyline of the Adventures in Farland, she became very excited. She is asking me for the book everyday which shows the suitability of the book for its aimed readers. The book is sure to capture the imagination and curiosity of the children. I am eagerly looking forward for the launch of the book on Amazon on the 19th of this month.








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A Book That Connects Your Child With Your Childhood

T4Tales Book Review

Recently, I was talking with my daughter about the games we used to play during our childhood. One of the many outdoor group games that we used to play was “Poshampa bhai poshampa”, then I realised that I have forgotten a few words in between of this very famous and sweet song of my childhood. Last week, I received a beautiful gift from T4Tales, a children’s book publisher for a review. To my surprise I found the good old songs of my childhood in it. And guess what, it even has, my favourite “Poshampa bhai Poshampa”.

I was so excited that I called my daughter and said, “Remember I was trying to sing this song few days back and I told you that I have forgotten it. See, this book has my favourite song and the other songs too which we used to sing.” We sat down together and sang all the songs of my childhood. I felt as if I was a little girl again and singing the songs with my best friend. During those few moments, I and my daughter were two best friends of the same age group. We giggled, we smiled and we laughed and hugged each other just like two little girls.

About the Book:

The book called “GOL MOL BOL” compiled by Pridhee and illustrated by Abhilash is a beautiful and colourful hard bound book containing old Hindi Rhymes. The illustrations are big, beautiful and full of childhood innocence. 
The best part of the book is that the rhymes are written not only in Hindi script but in English script as well. The songs are not translated in English but transliterated to help young readers learn Hindi language.

While reading the book I realised that we start teaching English language to our children at a very young age. We start drilling English alphabets, we converse with them in English and prefer reading books written in English right from the very beginning. With the result that they become proficient in English from a very young age. But what about our own Indian Languages and especially Hindi? Kids, these days are not as comfortable in reading and writing Hindi as they are with English.

About the Publishers:

T4Tales brings to us books written in Hindi with English transliteration. It helps young learners who can easily read English with phonemes to read and learn Hindi language. The English transliteration enables them to pronounce the words correctly and help them enjoy the rhythm of the songs. T4Tales offers books for young learners those who are between 0-4 years of age. They help introduce Indian Languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada, to help children in their early years. They offer old Indian rhymes that have been passed down to us by our elders and thereby help our children connect with their roots.

About the Author:

The author of the book, Pridhee Kapur Gupta, is a mother of a 4 year old, writes books for young children in Indian languages. A trained molecular biologist with a PhD from Germany, Pridhee has an undergraduate and masters degree from IIT-Delhi, and has taught at Macquarie University, Australia. Her journey in book writing began after becoming a mother when she realised that there were not enough children’s books in Indian Languages available outside India. That’s when she decided to pen down books on her own.

What I loved About the Book:

Apart from the bright and colourful illustrations, the content and the bilingual feature of the book, there is also a very special feature adding a new dimension to the book is the pop up page. There is a pop up page provided at the end of the book with the rhyme “Chanda Mama Gol Gol”. It adds a special flavour to the book and easily enraptures the young readers.

Where to grab it from:  

Grab your copies of the book from

Shumee Toys:




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Deer Park: A Hidden Gem of Delhi

The festive season has started and my daughter’s school was closed for term end break. I wanted to take them to some new and different place that they have never been to. There are many new places that our city offers for kids, malls, play areas, gaming zones and theme parks. While we go there every now and then, I wanted to take them to some place which would delight them and offer them some kind of learning.

While searching for some fun places to go with kids, I came across Deer Park. Initially, I thought it to be a simple park which lies forgotten in the heart of the city like many other parks. I read more about it and got to know that there are some animals to see. I decided to explore the place with my kids.

We went there at about noon time, the weather has become pleasant now making it a good time to visit open areas. There are various enclosures in the park, one of them has rabbits and guinea pigs. Kids were so happy and excited to see rabbits and guinea pigs, they were not ready to move from there. A little ahead was another enclosure where there are large number of deer and peacocks. It was joy to see the kids jumping around like deer and peacocks, making the visit more joyful.

A big lake makes the place look more beautiful and peaceful, adding to the picturesque beauty of the place were various types of ducks. The place is very calm, serene and beautiful. Once inside, I could not believe for a while that I was in Delhi, given the fact that our city has become so crowded and polluted. It was a bliss to find myself there. The lush green gardens, animals roaming freely inside the huge enclosures, chirping of birds, chattering of monkeys, squirrels running here and there provides a treat for the eyes.

The place provides learning and entertaining experience to the visitors especially kids. The nature walk and exposure to sunlight is an advantage which the place offers to the urban kids who are more prone to staying indoors and becoming glued to the screens. The fresh air gives a boost to the lungs which have become used to inhaling the pollution of the city.

The walk in the lap of nature is very refreshing especially in such a place where there are deer, peacocks and rabbits around. The entry is also free and there is no time duration for the stay there. The place is open every day from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM during the summers till October and 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM during winter. So, if you are thinking of taking your kids to for a nature trail and making memories, Deer Park is sure to delight you.

Where is it located: Hauz Khas, Delhi.





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Fodder for Young Minds: The Child City Magazine

I remember, during my childhood, I used to dig myself in storybooks and children’s magazines. Nandan and Champak used to be my all-time favourites. Their comic strips, illustrations, stories and activities would keep me occupied for hours. Parents also, used to be happy to see us occupied in a constructive way. Their content used to be a parent’s delight too. Sometimes, during the weekends, my parents would get involved with me and do the activities provided in these magazines.

I have plenty of books for my kids, story books, picture books and board books to create their interest in reading. But I was missing that pleasure which I used to find in these monthly magazines. There was a certain curiosity and interest. We used to wait eagerly for the next issue of the magazine as soon as we finished one. I was looking for some good monthly magazine for my kids which could provide the same curiosity and interest to them.

Recently, I came across Child City Magazine, which is a digital magazine for kids. It is print friendly, which means we can give them a printed version any time we want. The child city magazine is a very thoughtful one. The content is curated taking care of all the details. The magazines provides food for young minds. Each and every section is interesting, informative and inspiring.

This year we witnessed the total solar eclipse. The Child City Magazine has incorporated a video coverage of this great event in their September issue. The video shows this majestic event in a beautiful way.

The magazine features a very interesting story for children “The Invisible King of the Jungle”. I enjoyed reading it as much as my kids. The Curious Club section features an interesting Trivia Byte giving young learners information regarding Escape Velocity in a very easy to understand manner.

The magazine also and Inspiration corner where it provides information about Teacher’s Day and Dr Radhakrishnan.

The magazine covers almost all the aspects. It has a section for current affairs, sports, riddles, jokes, vocabulary corner, sports and a lot more. My favourite part in the magazine is the last section where it gives a very interesting outdoor game for kids. Kids these days are spending more and more time in front of gadgets and lesser time plating outdoors. This last section of the magazine brings to them a very interesting game called “Kukumi” which they can play outdoors with their group of friends.

The magazine brings the kids very good content in a very interesting way. The pictures are very colourful and bright. Each and every page is beautifully created with pictures, colourful text and different fonts. So, if you are looking for information and entertainment for your kids, The Child City Magazine is the complete answer.

Subscribe to The Child City Magazine to provide fodder for the curious minds. To subscribe log onto:


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When those sparkling eyes turned myopic

This post was published on mycity4kids :

Yesterday , we went for our daughter’s vision test. It was her routine check up for eye sight. But she was scared. She was scared not of the Doctor or the procedures as this is her third year with her spectacles but of her number being decreased further. “Mom,  what if the number increases? Does it mean that my specs will be bigger or thicker? Will I look ugly will a big fat set of spectacles?” She said worriedly.
Two years back, when she was in class one, her teacher called me to meet her. She told me that my daughter hasn’t been paying attention in the class and wasn’t completing her work. I was worried. I asked my daughter at home why she was doing so. She told me that she wasn’t able to see the board clearly from her last seat. We thought of consulting a specialist and getting her eyes tested. She was having a poor vision due to myopia. I was stunned, thinking of my daughter having to wear glasses at such a young age. I love her sparkling brown eyes but the thought of seeing those eyes behind spectacles was like watching a caged bird.
What was her reaction? Well, initially she was excited as she thought her dad looked smart in his glasses. Happily she went to the optician and chose a pink frame for herself but when she wore them for the first time and learnt that she will have to wear them all the time then she got a reality check. She was soon in tears. “Mom, I don’t look like Barbie anymore. I don’t look beautiful. What would my friends say?”
Even I felt like crying. “Isn’t there anything that we can do to improve her vision.” I asked my husband. He started surfing the net and looking for something that we could do to improve her vision.
Then one day, he got a book titled, “How to Improve Your Child’s Vision Naturally” by Janet Goodrich. The book suggests emotional and psychological ways for healing myopia. There are various imaginative games and exercises to help your child recover their eyesight. Here are a few excerpts from the book that I would like to share: 

1. The importance of healthy diet:-
We all know that a good balanced diet is extremely important, it is equally important for the eyes as well. “Proteins, vitamins and minerals compose the structure of living eyeballs. If an essential nutrient is missing or toxic substances are entering the body, developing vision can be affected. The brain processing input from the eyes and other senses, needs proper nutrition and plenty of oxygen.”
2. The role of oxygen:-
A good supply of oxygen to all our body parts is very important. Just as breathing exercises do tremendous good to our body, likewise it is important for our eyes and brain too. For that Janet suggests deep breathing, loud sighing and noisy yawning. According to her, “Your eyes give themselves a bath by yawning. Vision brightens up as if you had washed the world as well as your eyes.”
3. The benefits of sunlight:-
The light and warmth of sunlight provides tremendous benefits for our body and our eyes. “Sunlight is a natural antibiotic; it destroys certain bacteria, fungi and viruses… The sun’s warmth relaxes tight eye muscles.” It does not mean that one has to stare at the shining sun for long but one can sit in a shady area , keep the eyes closed and imagine it as a sunflower and imagining that there is a magical feather at the end of your nose. Draw an imaginary circle around it and rotate your head gently.
4. The saccadic motion of the eyes:-
Due to long hours of watching TV or engaging with other screens, the rapid flickering movement of eyes called saccadic motion is replaced with a stare which causes imperfect vision. To retrieve the saccadic motion, there is an exercise suggested in the book called “The Magic Nose Pencil”. Imagine that there is a magic pencil at the end of your nose, draw everything with your magic nose pencil, moving your head slightly. It is, as the book says, “our most important tool for breaking the stare and establishing or reestablishing a good habit of saccadic motion.”
5. Ball games:-
Another way of providing the saccadic motion to the eyes is playing with balls. Playing various indoor or outdoor games with different balls of different sizes provides fast flickering movements to the eyes. The movement of the balls itself produces saccadic motion of the eyes.
I have been reading and trying various methods and techniques suggested in the book in order to improve the eyesight of my daughter. Though she still wears spectacles but as parents we can only try whatever we can do to help her taking care of her eyes. The good news that we got in her eye check up yesterday was that her eye sight has been stable for the past two years.
I would like to request my readers to share their views and suggestions for helping our children in taking care of their eyes and vision.

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Celebrating The Uniqueness Every Child is blessed with

Every child is unique and is blessed with different qualities. Some children are friendlier, social and confident. They feel at ease even in the presence of complete strangers whereas there are others who would often keep to themselves and feel happier when they are at home doing the activities they like.
Everyone is born with different personality traits. It’s the way they are and the way they feel comfortable. The extroverts tend to gain more acceptance and popularity with their social skills and that is much more appreciated. On the other hand, the introverts take a long time to open up and find it difficult to exhibit their calibre and talents which tends to remain hidden inside them.
Being an introvert myself, I know how difficult it is to make friends and reach out to people. How uncomfortable and alienated I used to feel in the company of people. Even now I don’t have anybody to call as a friend but that is the way I am and that is the way how I feel happy. It’s about being comfortable in one’s own skin. In the absence of likeminded people, sometimes one finds a great company within oneself.
My two daughters are poles apart. The elder one is my rock star who happily greets everyone she meets in her way. Quite opposite to her is my little songbird, who sings her own songs happily at home. My rock star loves going outdoors whereas my song bird prefers staying indoors. I love both of them for they have their own luminosity.
There were times when, my little one would cry endlessly whenever we had to go out of the house even for an outing specifically for the kids. She would prefer playing alone in the park and avoid company. It started bothering me when it was time for her to get admission in school.
I took her to the day care of the play school I was planning for her. I took her there for two hours initially and stayed in the school. I helped her to get familiar with the school environment and the staff there. During the summer holidays, I enrolled both my girls in the summer camp of the same play school. My little one started feeling more confident and secured in the company of her sister.
After holidays, when I enrolled her in the play group of that school, she was completely comfortable and well adjusted. Gradually, with a lot of love and encouragement, she has become confident and open to people. Although, she feels happier at home but she has opened up and started making friends on her own. Now, when we take her to a new place, she takes some time initially but gradually becomes friendly.
This positive change in her makes pen down a few points which helped me in opening up and now helping my little song bird.

introvert retreat Image courtessy: introvert retreat
1. Be involved with the child:
An introvert child will never ask for your company but it is not that they don’t want it either. They might be too shy to come to you. Be with them. Spend time with them in doing the activities of their choice. It helps them feel more confident and connected. It will help the child in getting his personal space at the same time he will bond with you.
2. Don’t humiliate them publicly or label them in front of anybody:
An introvert child will become more introvert and lose confidence if the elders make fun of him in public or start labelling him as “rude”, “shy guy”, “arrogant” or “introvert”. Appreciate them for being the way they are. He might be more talented than what you think. His being shy does not make him weak rather he has more strength to stand alone.
3. Never force the child to meet and greet others:
Give the child time to get to know and familiarise with new people and new situations. They just need a little more time than others in adapting to new situations. Help them in feeling comfortable to new surroundings and new people. It’s alright if they do not like to be kissed or hugged. Give them other options of greeting their elders. Help them familiarise in new surroundings by offering or showing them some familiar things.
4. Don’t let the child feel neglected:
Let the child feel that you love him and is proud of him for the way he is. You are with him, even if he doesn’t want to be among the strangers. Your constant love and support will help introvert children in coming out of their shells. Let them feel that you are all ears for them whenever they wish to express themselves.
5. Don’t criticise them:
Criticism and judgement is what they are afraid of and makes them shy away. Appreciation and positive encouragement is what they long for. Appreciate and encourage them even for their smallest achievement. Even if the child tried to speak a few words in the school function, he needs a big applause. For he had put a lot of effort to be on the stage and face the audience.

This support and understanding from my parents helped me a lot in becoming more confident and connecting with people. With the same love, support and encouragement, we have noticed a big difference in my little shy bird. She is becoming more confident, talkative and outgoing.
Do share with me your views and tips too to help an introvert child become friendlier.

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A Birthday Party Organised By My Daughter

I have been thinking for quite some time about how and when to start teaching my daughter about the wise use of money. She maintains a piggy bank and puts all the money which she gets in that. I wanted to teach her some more about the value of money.

This year on her birthday I asked her if I give her 500₹, will she be able to organise her birthday party in that. I would help her in planning and working on the details. She was very excited with the thought. She told me that she would like to work with the details and then decide whether she could do it or not.

She made a list of 10 friends. She asked me to take her to the market and take a look at the snacks that we could serve. We went there but she was not very happy with the readymade snacks as she had got bored of them. She wanted some different and tasty snacks. On our way back home, she started telling me about dishes and snacks which her friends brought in their lunch and how they enjoy sharing them during their lunch time in school. She wanted those dishes in her party.

I suggested that perhaps she can ask them to bring those dishes instead of presents and they can share them at our party. She called up her friends and made her request. All of them agreed with her. Thus, it was decided that her friends would bring a homemade dish to be shared amongst themselves instead of any birthday presents.

Next we came to decorations. She had seen in her school that whenever there are some celebrations, her teacher decorates the class with the art and craft objects made by the students. She came up with a number of ideas on decorations learnt from her school. We made a few cutouts, drawings and other craft objects. She also decided to hang her toys, balloons and some origami creations which she always keeps with her. She could thus save on decorations too.

She had got a dress from her aunt as a birthday present in advance. She suggested that she would wear that and did not want any other dress. I was amazed when she said, “Mom, it will be a waste of money if we buy a new dress when I already have a new party dress given by my aunt.”

She asked me if I could bake a chocolate cake at home. She would decorate it with chocolate syrup, choco-chips and gems. We make it often at home. She had learnt a number of drinks during her summer camp which she could prepare herself.

When everything was planned, she told me that she doesn’t need that money and she would put it in her piggy bank. She asked her grandmother to give her a rose bouquet as a present. She took out the roses and put them on “thank you” cards which she made herself for everyone as a return gift.

She learnt a few magic tricks which her grandfather had been showing her. She said that she would impress her friends with her magic tricks. They would be entertained also with them.

She surprised me by saying that she could save all the money and celebrate her birthday too. It will be a different party and she would enjoy it too. When she told me the whole programme, I was overwhelmed and had tears rolling down my eyes.

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