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Activities for Learning Patterns and Free Printable

Patterns are found everywhere around us. They bring order and regularity in our lives. You must have noticed how even a small child starts forming patterns and learns to put up random objects in a certain kind of pattern. For example, even a toddler quickly starts joining blocks and gives them a certain order. Kids find it too interesting to arrange utensils like bowls and spoons in a certain order or pattern. This is because it is our basic tendency to create an order or arrange the things out of unorderly things.

Why learning patterns is important for children?
Patterns are all around us, be it buildings, flowers, trees, bridges, floor tiles and so on. Patterns are taught as a part of maths, bet they are used in almost every subject. Even music and dance has patterns. Learning about patterns is an important part of future learning. They help in making predictions and generalizations. It is a basic maths skill. Patterns help us to create a balance and bring harmony in our everyday lives. They also help us in learning logic, sequencing and structure.

How to teach patterns to kids?
Patterns are not only easy to learn but interesting also. Recently, I did a few simple activities to teach pattern to my daughter. I used simple things like spoons, butter knives, forks, pens and pencils for this activity.

I arranged similar objects in simple pattern and asked her to put in the line which object comes next. We did this activity for a while taking various objects and changing the pattern. She enjoyed it a lot.

Also, the best way to teach pattern is take the kids outdoor and let them observe pattern in real life like zebra crossing, pattern on a tree, the arrangement of various pots and plants in the garden and so on.
Once, the child has learnt patterns and can create pattern on his own. You can give them worksheets or printable for practice.
I am attaching here the downloadable version of a few worksheets that I created and gave my daughter to practice patterns. Click on the link below to download free printable for learning patterns.

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Fruit Art Ideas for Little Kids

Winters bring with it some of the most delicious fruits with it. Also, there are plenty of vacations for the kids. So, why not have an advantage of this situation and let our kids have some fun with a wide variety of fruits in this season. 

Today, I am going to share some fruit dressing ideas that we did at home during these vacations and had a lot of fun doing them. It was an activity where we learnt about fruits, made funny shapes with them and above all had great fun eating them together. 

Who says kids run away from fruits? If we let them play with it, create funny faces and let them find the fruits served in the most adorable way.

Here are a few ideas for the fruit salad decoration ideas which will have your kids gobble them in no time. 

I involved my kids while doing this activity and they had great fun. If your kids are small, you can cut the fruits and let them form some funny shapes with the pieces in a plate. If you have slightly older kids, give them plastic knives and show them how to cut the fruits by giving them soft fruits like a ripe banana.

Bananas and kiwis served in the shape of a tree. Cut and peel the kiwis and banana and ask the child to make a tree like this. Kids will definitely come up with their own ideas to add on.

How about little kids made of kiwis, strawberries and bananas? 

My kids had a hearty laugh to see these in their plates and I had a big smile on my face when I saw them finishing it up in no time. 

What’s more? Kids can also make these cuties with fruit pieces and come up with their own innovative ideas. Like my daughter added kiwi pieces to make the green grass in this picture. 

Let the little ones enjoy their fruits served like a flower. My little one added the strawberry in the centre of the flower to make it more colourful. I am sure your kids will come up with more ideas too.

How about a spaceship? Let the imagination of your kids touch the skies with this wonderful spaceship made of fruits. Let them imagine themselves to be astronauts discovering new planets and going into space in their fruit rockets. 

I am sure kids will have super fun to gobble this cute kiwi monster with their forks and knives. Challenge them to be the knights and finish this monster in no time. They will have great fun with their pretend play and you will have great satisfaction to see them eating it with delight.

A flower with petals made from strawberries. Show them different ways to decorate their fruit salad and spark their imagination. 

The reason I took only three fruits in this activity was very simple. I used limited ingredients to create different shapes and designs. It allows kids to think out of the box. With limited things they can create unlimited objects. 

This activity not only helped kids enjoy eating and finishing fruits leading to healthy snacking  but also they had great fun in the kitchen. They had a new activity to do. They made their own salads and ate them. 

We had great fun making these funny shapes with fruits. Do share with me your ideas too.

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DIY Handmade Toys Ideas For Kids

Kids love toys and it doesn’t matter how many of them they have, they still keep asking for more. Toys have a big role in their development. Each and every toy has a very special place in our children’s heart.

I remember how in school we were taught to make handmade toys, toys made out of rags, old socks, and old material lying around the house and knitted toys. I thought of making the same with my kids. The project would be interesting for sure, it will bring out their imagination and creativity plus we can have a good craft to do over the weekend.

When I suggested my kids that we can make our toys at home, they could not believe at first. For them toys can only bought from the market. So, we decided that we will make our own toys at home and have lots and lots of fun while making them and playing with them.

Old Socks Toys

Toys made out of old socks are very simple and easy to make. For this we used old socks, markers, rags, material to stuff inside like old foam, sponge pieces, cotton, rags etc.


For this doll, we took two pair of socks. One sock to make the body and one for the dress. Here is how we made it:

We took an old piece of cloth of skin colour, kept some foam in it and gave it the shape of a ball. I stitched it to make the face. My daughter made the features with a marker.

For the body, we took a sock, cut the part which covers the leg. I stitched it from below and let the kids fill it with foam pieces. After filling the sock piece, I stitched the head and body together. I cut the remaining piece of sock into half, filled it with foam and stitched it to form the arms. I joined the arms with the body. My daughters had a great time in dressing the doll with rags.


My daughters are crazy about Peppa Pig and George Pig. They asked me whether we can make them too.

We tried to make Mr Dinosaur with an old sock.

For this, we traced the drawing of Mr Dinosaur on a sheet of paper. I cut the socks in the shape of Mr Dinosaur and stitched it. We filled it up with cotton wool. We used old black cloth pieces to give the shape of arms and legs, filled it up with cotton and joined it. The teeth were made by using laces and eyes with a black button.

How about a mom and a baby doll? We used an old cardboard box and covered it with cloth to make our own doll house.

Hand knitted Toys and Finger Puppets

When my daughters showed their toys to their grandmother, she joined the fun too and made hand knitted finger puppets and toys for them.

These are the various knitted finger puppets for our finger family song. Can you see that there is George Pig too and Nariyal Anna from Art Attack? Not to forget Kung Foo Panda.


These hand knitted dolls can be used as finger puppets as well as any other dolls to play with.


We made Peppa Pig too. The knitting part can be done by an adult and stuffing part can be done by the kids.

Rag Toys

What to do when you have pieces of old cloth lying around? We made rag toys. Just cut the cloth piece in the shape of the toy you want and fill it up with cloth pieces. With a few stitches, it’s done.



Benefits of Home Made Toys

I must say we had hours of fun and learning too while making these toys. There are several benefits of this activity:

  1. Children can use them as puppets or like toys for make belief playing. We can also make our own toys for storytelling.
  2. These toys are very safe to use. There is no hazardous material used in it. These are not plastic. Even if the child puts it in his mouth, there is no harm.
  3. These are very cost friendly. Toys these days are very expensive and make a hole in our pockets. Home-made toys save money.
  4. These are also a good craft activity for kids. Kids not only enjoy making them but also learn a lot.
  5. Toy making saves plenty of screen time. Kids get involved in a constructive activity and get some time off from the screens.
  6. Kids lean to value and save money. They get to learn that they can save money and buying innumerable toys leads to a waste of money.
  7. These toys are very environment friendly. Plastic toys are extremely hazardous. We are extremely worried while using plastic toys as kids might put them in their mouth and also they are unsafe for the environment. These toys are biodegradable also based on the principles of the 4 R’s- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


So, go ahead and enjoy this fun activity with your kid during the Christmas holidays. No more getting bored or being glued to the TV. This activity is sure to give you endless fun and learning too.

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5 Easy Ice Cream Recipes to Chill the Kids This Summer

Summers have started and so does kids’ demand to ask for an ice cream every now and then. As soon as they jump out of their school bus, they begin asking for an ice cream after spotting the nearby ice cream seller. I am sure there must be many moms like me who must be strictly against artificial colours and preservatives in foods. In almost every visit to the doctor, my paediatrician always advises me to give preservatives free food to my kids as they do more harm than good. So, I always avoid ice cream from markets. But what to do when kids become adamant on having an ice cream after coming from school? We can’t say no to them every time. What’s the solution then? Make them at home!

So, here are 5 recipes of ice creams that are extremely easy to make, take less than 10 minutes of time, very healthy and of course yummy.

1) Banana Ice cream


1 Ripe Banana

Powdered Sugar

Full Cream Milk


Peel and cut the banana into thin slices. Keep it in an airtight container and freeze it for two hours. Put the banana slices in a blender and blend them nicely. Add a glass of full cream milk and powdered sugar according to taste. Blend it well. Pour the mixture in ice cream mould and freeze it for 4-6 hours.

2) Chocolate Ice cream


Cocoa powder

A cup of fresh homemade cream

Powdered Sugar

Condensed milk (optional)


Take the cream and blend it. Add powdered sugar and two table spoons of cocoa powder. Mix it well. You can add condensed milk if you like. The mixture should be blended well. Pour it in ice cream mould and freeze it for 4-6 hours.

3) Mango Ice cream


1 Ripe mango

A cup of fresh homemade cream

Powdered sugar

Condensed milk (optional)


Peel the mango and cut it in small pieces. Take it in a blender and blend it till it becomes a smooth paste. Add powdered sugar and cream. Mix it well. You can also add condensed milk. Blend it thoroughly. Freeze it for 4-6 hours.

4) Oreo Ice cream


Oreo biscuits

A cup of fresh homemade cream

Powdered sugar

Condensed milk ( Optional)


Take Oreo biscuits in a blender and crush them roughly. Don’t crush them too much to make a powder. Take them out of the blender and put it in a bowl. Take cream and powdered sugar in the blender and blend them till they become a smooth paste. You can add condensed milk if you want and blend thoroughly. Now put it in the bowl containing crushed Oreo biscuits. Mix everything well. Put it in ice cream mould and freeze it for 6 hours.

5) Strawberry ice cream


1 Cup strawberries

Powdered sugar

1Cup fresh homemade cream

Condensed milk (optional)


Cut the strawberries into small pieces. Put it in a pan and cook them till they become soft. Add powdered sugar in it. Let it cool down. In a blender, take cream and condensed milk. Blend it till it becomes smooth. Now, mix strawberry in it. Put it in ice cream mould and let it freeze for 4-6 hours.

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Top Ten Tips to Decorate Mommies’ Holidays Home Work

As the summer vacations are about to be over, all the mothers out there must be busy in compiling up their children’s project files. Well, mine is ready too. It seems the holidays home work are not for our children but for us. Our tiny little hands seems to be too little to do their vast homework. So, there, all the emotional and helping moms gear up to take the charge. Here are a few tips to decorate their ( or should I say ‘our’) project files:-

1. Quilling-

A beautiful art done with the help of paper strips and quilling needle. One can make any number of designs and use it anywhere. A beautiful cover page, bordering, frames, etc. , use it anywhere and the project is sure to stand out.



2. Glass painting-

Use the glass paints and make a small painting on an OHP sheet and a beautiful sheet is ready. It can be used either as a cover page or somewhere in between the pages to beautify the project file.



3. Sand painting-

Sand painting can be done by our little hands too. Since they enjoy being messy, let them do so while doing sand craft as it will help to enhance their creativity.



4. Paper cutouts-

Paper cutouts of flowers, patterns, leaves, animals etc by using handmade paper is a sure eye catcher. They look absolutely fantastic when blended with small stones or glass decorative pieces.



5. Origami-

Origami is another beautiful craft form that can be enjoyed with our little ones. Not only they will enjoy but learn a lot with this craft form. A small origami object when pasted in between the sheets looks elegant.



6. Ice cream stick and match stick activity-

Ice cream sticks and matchsticks activity done by our little ones during their art and craft classes or at home can also be used to decorate the projects too, highlight them using colourful stones and your job is done.


7. Paintings-

Paintings can be done in innumerable ways. A little handprint, leaf paintings, bottle impressions, vegetable paintings and so on. The list is almost never ending and their beauty is heart winning too. If you find some sheet in the project file looking dull, just make use of this wonderful art and the dull sheet will brighten up in no time.



8. Dried leaf activity-

A little challenge to your brains and the dried leaves will turn into a masterpiece. Use it for your cover page and your project file becomes extremely impressive.



9. Other craft objects-

Sometime during the holidays when your little ones had brought some beautiful craft object can be used too. An old CD turned into some animal, paper bag activity, mask making activity etc can be used to decorate the file.



10. Borders-

Last but not the least, the borders are a must . Don’t leave the borders blank or else all your hard work looks dull. Do highlight the borders using paper cutouts, handmade papers, bordering tapes, stickers, paper punches etc. It will enhance the beauty of the project file unlike any other thing.



Hope you find my ideas in helping your children decorate their project files and files. Do share with me your ideas too.

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Make Summer Days the Days of Fun Learning With These Fun Activities

Art and Craft Activities for Summer Holidays

It’s a big challenge to keep our little ones busy at home. Children these days are very smart and more aware than their previous generation. They are so active and bubbling with energy that it’s a real challenge to make them sit at a place for some time. A teacher by profession and a stay at home mom by choice, I always found art and craft activities as my best pal to keep the children busy in their free time both in classroom and at home.

Let me share a few such activities which we can enjoy and help our little ones learn at home: –

  1. Making “My Own Little Books”-

When my daughter was three years old, we created our very own book of textures by which I taught her not only about textures but also inculcated in her a love for books. We took small pieces of different materials like cotton cloth, aluminium foil, card board, wool, silk cloth and more such things having a different feel. We pasted them in separate sheets of paper and wrote all the words that sprang up in our minds under their names. For example- wool: shaggy, coarse, warm etc. We wrote words which related to their look and feel. We decorated the sheets and tied them together with ribbon.

This activity helped her in various ways. It helped in increasing her vocabulary, her knowledge related to various textures and materials, her creativity was enhanced and it directed her energy in the construction of an object as opposed to destruction which kids usually do.

Like this can be My Book of Birds, Insects, animals, numbers etc. In creating My Book of Birds and Insects, we included several other activities like picture colouring of birds, join the dots to make a bird, match the columns, odd one out etc. We pasted pictures of birds, their wings and learnt about their types. The best part of these activity is that it benefits a child in multiple ways.              

  1. Creating “My Best Mate- Dice”-

In this activity, we made a pair of dice. One can use a big cardboard box or paste cardboard sheets together to form a cube. Paste coloured paper on each side. With a coloured sketch pen write numbers or cut coloured paper in the shape of numbers and paste. Write the numbers from 0-5 on one dice and numbers 5-9 and 0 on the other dice. Various number games can be played with the help of these homemade dice. They can be used for teaching numbers, counting and recognition, big and small numbers, throw the dice and jump or clap according to that number, which number comes before and which comes after. It provides a fun activity at the same time increases their constructive abilities. One can think of more number games with these dice.

number dice

  1. Numbering the stairs-

Our house was at the second floor, we numbered all the stairs with paints. Learning numbers was so much fun with those numbered stairs. Any number of games could be played on those stairs. Of course, we need to be very careful while playing on the stairs but if played carefully and cautiously it can be great fun. Take a ball and tell the child to throw it on a specific number, go to this number or that, etc. If the child is old enough to be careful on the stairs then one can teach other mathematical concepts like forward counting, backward counting. The cardboard dice can also be used to play on numbered stairs. For example, throw the dice and tell the child to go to that number. Tell the child to do some funny action like clap his hands or roar like a lion as he reaches that specific numbered stair.

numbered stairs

These activities help in keeping the child away from the gadgets, it also helps in his all-round development, they allow learning by doing, provide concept clarity and fun while they learn. Although, it does take a lot of effort on a mother’s part but it does benefit the child in more than one way. I enjoyed doing these activities with my daughter and she had fun too. They also helped in building up our bond. On my part, I was teaching her; on her part, she was playing with me.