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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Winters are here and those who have witnessed Delhi’s harsh and dry winters would surely know the impact of the dry air on our skin. The dryness and itchiness due to the dry and cold air makes us grab our moisturiser bottles every now and then. Even after applying moisturising lotion daily, our skin remains dry and itchy.

The worst impact of this dry, cold and harsh winters is on the delicate skin of our babies. We love our babies’ soft and delicate skin and hate to find it losing its moisture as they grow older and especially in winters. As they reach toddlerhood, their skin needs extra care because this is the time they start their preschools and go for outdoor playtime. Their skin has to bear the wrath of dry and extremely polluted air that we have in Delhi which begins to take a toll on their soft skin. The impact is almost immediately visible. The chapped lips, the patchy skin and severe itchiness becomes a great cause of concern for the mothers.

Almost every mother must be familiar with Aveeno. It’s a skincare product range by Johnson and Johnson. It’s a brand based in the U.S. but has been recently launched in India. Aveeno Baby’s Active Naturals Oat contains 5 vital elements, which are also found in healthy baby skin, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, lipids and antioxidants. It helps in naturally nourishing and protecting the baby’s skin from itchiness.

 I tried Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion for my kids. It contains oatmeal blended with rich emollients which soothes baby’s skin and protects it from becoming dry. It is non greasy and gets absorbed quickly. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free which does not irritate a baby’s skin. It is paraben free, phthalate-free and also steroid free. It gives 24 hour protection and keeps the skin well nourished.

My younger daughter’s skin is a little dry and I was worried as it will get drier and cause itchiness to her. So, I have to be a little more particular for her skin care in winters. I have tried Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion with her for over a week. I apply it every day before sending her to school and even after coming back from school, her skin remains nourished. She is not complaining of any itchiness on her skin even in this cold and dry weather which has made Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion my go-to product for her.



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Super Gummy Product Review

One of the major concerns for a mother is the health of her children. Children in the age group of 3-10 years tend to become fussy and start developing their own choices and preferences for food. Most of the times, children develop a liking for packaged and unhealthy food and run away at the sight of fruits and vegetables. Also, at this age they are involved in several activities and go through growth spurts which means they need a balanced and healthy diet to fulfil the needs of their body. It becomes a challenge for a mother to make them eat healthy food which contains all the micro and macro nutrients.

We consult doctors and take their advice on whether to give them nutritional supplements or not but the mere sight of a medicine bottle is enough for the kids to turn it away. So, the question is how can we meet these nutritional gaps and ensure that our kids take their daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
Recently, I came across a brand which seems to have understood our concerns. Super Gummy has brought to us yummy chewable supplements for kids. These come in the form of chewable jelly bears in four different flavours and are power packed with all the vitamins and minerals. They have the right balance of nutrients with yummy flavours like guava, mango, strawberry and orange.

The colour, shape and taste of these gummies is such that kids cannot refuse them. I showed it to my elder one and she loved it. After trying it once, she takes it every day herself. She takes it every day to school and her friends also love it. They now ask her to bring the gummy for them as well.
During the long hours of school and with an active involvement in the co-curricular activities of my daughter, I am no longer worried about her health and nutritional needs. She prefers gummies over other sweets and chocolates since she knows that these jelly bears are not only tasty but healthy too. This little pixie dust magic is all we need to make our kids smarter, stronger and happier.



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MamaEarth Organic Wet Wipes Review


About MamaEarth

MamaEarth has become the most favoured brand for me now. This is one brand which is keeping all its promises and ensures that the products that they get for mums and babies are 100% toxin free and safe. There are no chemicals or parabens in any of their products and they are extremely gentle and mild in nature.

Mamaearth has got a new product this time which is once again like the other products completely natural and safe to use: Organic Bamboo Based Wipes. With small kids around it is completely impossible to have a day without using wet wipes.  Especially with new born babies, wet wipes are our constant companions.


 About MamaEarth Bamboo Based Organic Wet Wipes

Mamaearth Bamboo Based Organic Wet Wipes are made from Bamboo Cloth. Its key ingredients are almond oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil, glycerine and aloe vera. These wipes are extremely soft and ideal for a baby’s delicate skin. The best part of these wipes is that they are organic and biodegradable. The size of the wipes is big enough for the cleaning purposes. These are much thicker than the ones that we get in the market. Being 100% chemical free, they do not cause any allergies or rashes. The packaging is extremely good. It has a box lid which keeps the moisture of the wet wipes intact. Generally, once we peel the sticker of the wet wipes packets, the other wipes start losing their moisture. The box lid of MamaEarth Wet Wipes prevents the other wipes from getting dry.


What I like About Mamaearth Wet Wipes

I liked the fact that these wet wipes are biodegradable in nature. The other wet wipes are made from polyester which means that they are not environmental friendly. The fragrance of these wipes is very gentle, mild and long lasting in nature. These are hypo allergenic and soft.  



A packet of 72 wipes is priced at Rs. 249 which means one wipe costs around Rs. 3.45 each. The wipes are thicker and stretchable. With the amazing key ingredients and other features, it makes it the best one and worth its price.

Where to Buy

Mamaearth wet wipes are available on leading online portals and their official website:

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Second Chance by Dr Sandeep Jatwa: A Book Review

Can we really buy everything with money? Who is richer: a person having billions in his bank or a person having someone to love and receive love from? These are the questions which the book Second Chance brings to us.

“Second Chance…if you were given a second chance, how would you change things?” The book poses a question on the reader through the cover page itself. From the beginning itself it feels that there is an element of some kind of surprise in store. It is sufficient to arise the curiosity of the readers. The cover page of the book is very intriguing. It shows a wealthy man walking on a road amidst the clouds and his head is held by a huge hand. It signifies the role of a super power in our lives whom we keep ignoring and fail to recognise.

About the Author

The book is written by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. Born in the holy city of Ujjain and grew up in Dewas, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. He attained his MBBS from MGM Medical College, Indore. He works at the Government Hospital Sarangpur District Rajgarh. He has been writing since 2006 and has completed two novels. The first is yet to be published and the second one with the title of Second Chance has been published. His most urgent wish is to be able to educate children working on the streets and believes that childhood should be awesome and not a struggle.


Blurb of the book     

Second Chance is about a billionaire called Shekhar who believes that he can buy anything with money. Words like love, kindness, pity, sympathy and respect have no value for him. Through the course of his entire life, he has conducted so many evil deeds that he himself cannot recollect. A thorough ruthless and reckless person, he starts getting warnings from the City of Justice to mend his ways but he keeps ignoring them and continues his ways. One day he meets a terrible accident and is taken to the City of Justice. He is surprised and does not believe himself. Considering it to be a joke, he talks rudely with the God of Justice, “you have no rights to punish me,’Shekhar yelled”. When he is shown all his evil deeds by the Bookkeeper in front of God, he feels ashamed. He gets sentenced to go to the hell. His mother’s last wish comes to his rescue and he is given a second chance to improve his wrong doings. What were the deeds for which he was taken to the hell? Will he be able to improve himself? Will an arrogant and egoist person like Shekhar Kapoor acknowledge his mistakes and correct them?



The book revolves around the theme of the cycle of Karmas. If we do good deeds, we go to heaven and if we do bad deeds then we have to face punishments in hell. We have to pay for our sins and no riches, money or wealth of the world can save us from that. Love and kindness go a long way in providing happiness in life rather than money. The moral of the story is very well stated by Manohar Kaka in the book, “a small cottage wherein laughter lives is worth more than a castle full of tears”.


The book is very well written with a very interesting plot. The narrative is able to hook the reader and keep them engaged throughout its course. The language is simple and comprehensible. The story unfolds gradually seemingly predictable at the beginning it brings in some surprises. The characters are portrayed very vividly and realistically. The protagonist, Shekhar is not a hero or someone you would fall in love with immediately but on the contrary is someone the reader as well the other characters in the book hate from the beginning. The character, Shekhar, evolves gradually. He is made to see his folly and is directed towards improving it. The narrative becomes too descriptive while presenting the scenes of the City Of Justice and the punishment he has to go through in the hell, “he stood on a red hot land, whimpering for mercy with smarting and impotency on his face. The remains of his shoes were hanging from his ankles and his suit – a rag now – was totally drenched in his perspiration.”


The narrative becomes dull and slow paced during the descriptive scenes of the City of Justice and Hell but picks up pace after that. The second part of the book which deals with Shekhar trying to correct his wrong doings is very interesting. There are elements of surprise and suspense which are unfolded in the end. The love story of Shekhar and Unnati is very sweet and subtle, “the most beautiful and golden hearted girl was his and now he was feeling himself to be the luckiest person in the world”.

The book provides its reader with a much needed lesson and thought to ponder over in its closing lines, “life changes when you open the door of your heart for love…no money can give you contentment and happiness”. Overall the book is surely worth reading and keep you engaged with some good morals and learnings too.

Note: I received a review copy from Vinfluencers in exchange of an honest review.





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Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement Review: Today’s Solution to Today’s Problems

Every woman loves her tresses and follows a particular hair care regime. Like different skin types, hair are also different for every individual. These days, hair are exposed to lot of things which adversely affect their quality. Chemical treatments, heat treatments, salty water, dust and pollution, stress and illnesses, to name a few. All these impact our hair severely.  They make them brittle, dry, frizzy leading to hair fall.

On top of it all, our busy schedules give us very little time to take care of them and nourish them in a way they really need. Before motherhood embraced me, I used to apply a lot of hair packs and other home remedies to take care of my tresses but now, I am left with no time to take care of my hair. All I do is apply oil at night before going to bed and wash them in the morning. But we all know the hassles of oiling. The stickiness it leaves on the face, the stains it causes on the pillow covers and sticky hair make it an absolute no-no for going out of the house.

About Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement

Recently, I bought Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement for myself. It comes in a golden coloured tube with a flip cap. It is in the form of a cream having a nice fragrance and non-sticky texture.

IMG_20171105_153416 (1).jpg

How to Apply

It is very simple to use. There are just three steps for its application:


1.   Wash your hair and towel dry them. Take appropriate quantity (about the size of a walnut) and rub it in between your palms.

2.   Starting from the top of the hair apply it evenly on the entire length.

3.   It’s like a leave-in cream. So, no need to rinse it off. Dry them and style them the way you do.



Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement nourishes the hair and protects them from the damage caused by chemical, heat, sun, pollution and salty water exposure. It acts as a shield against the damage causing factors. It is non sticky in texture and there is no need to rinse it off. It prevents the hair from becoming brittle thus helps in preventing hair fall due to hair breakage. It makes the hair soft, smooth and silky. It does not weigh the hair down instead gives a good volume. It makes the hair frizz free even after a blow dry. Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement provides nourishment to the hair and prevents them from getting dry.


When to Apply

It can be applied before blow drying, ironing or going out in the sun. It can even be applied before going for swimming as chlorinated water damages the hair a lot. It helps in detangling the hair, which makes it helpful in combing them.

My Personal Experience

 I apply it regularly now after every wash. It is absolutely hassle free and gives me the goodness of oil. It does not make my hair frizzy even after drying them with a hair dryer and the volume it gives is something I simply love.

It does not weigh them down but brings a bounce in my hair. It has made hair care simpler for me.




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One Kit for All Your Hair Woes

Mamaearth Hair Care Kit Review

Mamaearth has become a well-known brand now. Starting from their baby care range to traditional recipes not to forget the mamaearth skin care range, Mamaearth has been keeping its promise of providing us with 100% toxin free and natural products. This time mamaearth brings to us a special range of products that all moms need the most especially after their delivery, a very special hair care kit.



After delivery, one of the most dreaded thing that we face is the hair loss. I remember, how much I used to cry every time I used to comb my hair. It’s such a pain to see your beautiful hair lying on the floor. How thin they become and how dull they start looking after a few months post-delivery!

Mamaearth seems to understand moms too well. For that’s the reason they have come up with a most amazing kit to deal with all our hair woes. Even after so many years after delivery, I cannot say that my hair are the same as they used to be. One of the major reason is that I don’t get the time to visit a salon very often and with two kids, I simply forget to even look at them. Welcome to motherhood!

About Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Kit

The kit contains 4 products:

1.   Root Restore Hair Oil

2.   Happy Heads Shampoo

3.   No More Tangles Conditioner

4.   Pro- Growth Hair Tonic


1)  Root Restore Hair oil

Root Restore Hair Oil has coconut oil, olive oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, palmarosa oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, bhringraj oil and vitamin E as its key ingredients. It helps in strengthening the roots, provides nourishment and repairs damaged hair. It is Paraben free, Phthalates free, dye free and SLS free. It comes in the form of a clear liquid and has to be applied evenly from the roots till the end. Being herbal and therapeutic in nature it helps reducing all the hair problems.


2)   Happy Heads Shampoo

Happy Heads Shampoo contains biotin, horse chestnut and amla as its key ingredients. It is free from harsh chemicals and very gentle in nature. It is in the form of a clear liquid with a mild fragrance that retains in the hair for quite some time. Even though it is mild in nature but it cleanses the hair thoroughly, which I feel is the best part. It forms good lather but one needs to wash twice if using after hair oil. It does not cause any dryness to the hair.

3)   No More Tangles Conditioner

With the kind of neglect that our hair go through especially after becoming a mom, this conditioner comes to our rescue. Our hair become so rough and dry that they easily form tangles. Mamaearth’s No More Tangles Conditioner contains milk protein, cocoa butter and fenugreek. It makes the hair naturally soft and silky. It moisturises the hair and strengthens them. It spreads easily and has to be applied from the roots till the end.

4)   Pro-Growth Hair Tonic

With caffeine, red ginseng and milk protein and being free from all the harsh chemicals, this is a must have product for all the moms. It is mainly for strengthening hair roots, improving density of thee hair and reducing hair fall. It has to be applied on the roots. It is non sticky and very light.  A regular application helps in visible results.


After using the products in the kit regularly for over a week, I can see a difference in my hair. There is a natural bounce and shine. The limpness is gone and they look healthier.

The kit is available at their official site as well as the leading online stores.

To know more visit


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Say Goodbye to Flimsy, Leaky Disposable Tablewares With Greenfare Tableware

Recently, my daughter was required to bring disposable glasses for a school event.  I gave her small disposable glasses but was feeling sceptical as to how small kids will manage with those flimsy and leaky disposable tablewares.  Disposable table wares have become an essential part of our lives. Be it for birthday parties, school picnics, get together or travelling with kids. These are something that are slowly becoming a necessity for us.

Plastic disposable table wares are known for the potential threat they are causing to our environment and also for our health, whereas paper disposable are pretty flimsy and leaky. They often become a nuisance for the spillage that they cause. For some time I have been looking for some alternative which should be sturdy and eco-friendly too.
I came across a video which showed disposable table wares made from fallen palm leaves. What’s more they are made in our own country. No trees are cut or leaves taken from the trees but these are made from the leaves of palm trees which fall on the ground.

About Greenfare Disposable Tableware

When I came across Greenfare, a brand which makes disposable table ware from areca tree leaves, I immediately fell in love with their products. The disposable table wares are made out of dried and fallen leaves of areca trees. These table wares are stylish, sturdy and beautiful. These disposable wares are 100% biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. They do not break even if they fall on the ground.

The best part is that they are chemical free, food safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. They come in beautiful shapes and the colour of natural areca leaves looks especially classy.

About the Founder

Harsha Sharma, the founder of Greenfare is a dreamer, a believer, dynamic and a sensitive person. Her love for Earth has incepted Greenfare.

What I love about the Products

I love these products for their sturdiness and the fact that they are biodegradable. Their quality is very good. They are made 100% naturally and are chemical free. They have a food box which comes with a lid. It can be used to carry dry snacks. The size of the wares is quite appropriate. So, we can now say goodbye to those flimsy and leaky plastic and paper disposable table wares and switch over to Greenfare disposable wares.

Where to buy them from

They are available on their official site:

To know more visit




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Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia: A Book Review


About the Book:

Adventures in Farland is a book written for young readers between the age group of 6-15. The book is based on fantasy fiction. The story revolves around a young girl called Mira who chances upon to meet, Bushy from Farland and is invited to the New Moon Party by Princess Harmonica. Farland is a magical place about which Mira has heard stories from her mother. The gnomes, the fairies, the toads, the eagles and many other strange characters live in Farland.

Mira gladly accepts the invitation and is taken to Farland by Starlight, the best pilot of Farland. It was like a dream come true for her. She was travelling to a place she had heard about in the stories and was believed to be a fairy-tale. It was then that her adventures begin. She comes to know how the land of Farland is under danger by a witch who wants to destroy everything. Even though, she is a complete stranger to the place, Mira agrees to help the people of Farland. During her mission to save the land, she visits some of the most fascinating places and meets some of the strangest creatures. Will she be able to save the beautiful land of Farland?

moshank book 2

Characters of the Book:

The book portrays some very interesting and magical creatures. The Characters are very interesting, curious and relatable.  The character of Bushy, for example, is very strange too. He has a bush on his head instead of hair.

The character of Mira is portrayed as a beautiful, brave and kind hearted girl. She thinks wisely and acts bravely even at the most crucial moments.  She remains calm and composed throughout her adventures.

Mira was accompanied by her two friends, Vira and Bira, the twin brothers who constantly kept quarrelling. They were turned into rats by Bushy so that they do not disturb the party.

Some other interesting characters of the book are Starlight, Queen Halo, Princess Harmonica, Ugly the Giant and the Windman.

The Narrative Style:

The narrative of the book is very gripping from the beginning till the end. The imagery used in the book is very vivid providing enough room for imagination to the young readers. The imagery used is very descriptive and vivid. The reader can visualise the story very clearly. The language used is very simple with some new words to enhance the vocabulary of its targeted audience. The use of song in the train sequence helps lighten the tension building up during the sequence of events. The element of suspense holds the curiosity of the readers till the very end. There is never a dull moment during the flow of the storyline. The story comes with morals too by the way of the characters. The way the twins were punished and turned into rats and the way Mira acted bravely and wisely provides a lesson to the young readers.

About the Author:

The book is written by Moshank Relia, a graduate in English literature with a love for children and story writing. Moshank is passionate about photography and trekking and holds certificate in creative writing, theatre and sketching. It is the first book written by him. His art of storytelling and the ability to hold his audience can well be seen in the book. The way he has crafted the story and the sequence of events in the book makes the reader asking for more.

I am very thankful to him for providing me with an opportunity to review his book. The minute I started reading the book, I could not put it down. It was almost as if I could see it happening right in front of me, making me a part of the journey.   When I told my daughter about the storyline of the Adventures in Farland, she became very excited. She is asking me for the book everyday which shows the suitability of the book for its aimed readers. The book is sure to capture the imagination and curiosity of the children. I am eagerly looking forward for the launch of the book on Amazon on the 19th of this month.








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A Book That Connects Your Child With Your Childhood

T4Tales Book Review

Recently, I was talking with my daughter about the games we used to play during our childhood. One of the many outdoor group games that we used to play was “Poshampa bhai poshampa”, then I realised that I have forgotten a few words in between of this very famous and sweet song of my childhood. Last week, I received a beautiful gift from T4Tales, a children’s book publisher for a review. To my surprise I found the good old songs of my childhood in it. And guess what, it even has, my favourite “Poshampa bhai Poshampa”.

I was so excited that I called my daughter and said, “Remember I was trying to sing this song few days back and I told you that I have forgotten it. See, this book has my favourite song and the other songs too which we used to sing.” We sat down together and sang all the songs of my childhood. I felt as if I was a little girl again and singing the songs with my best friend. During those few moments, I and my daughter were two best friends of the same age group. We giggled, we smiled and we laughed and hugged each other just like two little girls.

About the Book:

The book called “GOL MOL BOL” compiled by Pridhee and illustrated by Abhilash is a beautiful and colourful hard bound book containing old Hindi Rhymes. The illustrations are big, beautiful and full of childhood innocence. 
The best part of the book is that the rhymes are written not only in Hindi script but in English script as well. The songs are not translated in English but transliterated to help young readers learn Hindi language.

While reading the book I realised that we start teaching English language to our children at a very young age. We start drilling English alphabets, we converse with them in English and prefer reading books written in English right from the very beginning. With the result that they become proficient in English from a very young age. But what about our own Indian Languages and especially Hindi? Kids, these days are not as comfortable in reading and writing Hindi as they are with English.

About the Publishers:

T4Tales brings to us books written in Hindi with English transliteration. It helps young learners who can easily read English with phonemes to read and learn Hindi language. The English transliteration enables them to pronounce the words correctly and help them enjoy the rhythm of the songs. T4Tales offers books for young learners those who are between 0-4 years of age. They help introduce Indian Languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada, to help children in their early years. They offer old Indian rhymes that have been passed down to us by our elders and thereby help our children connect with their roots.

About the Author:

The author of the book, Pridhee Kapur Gupta, is a mother of a 4 year old, writes books for young children in Indian languages. A trained molecular biologist with a PhD from Germany, Pridhee has an undergraduate and masters degree from IIT-Delhi, and has taught at Macquarie University, Australia. Her journey in book writing began after becoming a mother when she realised that there were not enough children’s books in Indian Languages available outside India. That’s when she decided to pen down books on her own.

What I loved About the Book:

Apart from the bright and colourful illustrations, the content and the bilingual feature of the book, there is also a very special feature adding a new dimension to the book is the pop up page. There is a pop up page provided at the end of the book with the rhyme “Chanda Mama Gol Gol”. It adds a special flavour to the book and easily enraptures the young readers.

Where to grab it from:  

Grab your copies of the book from

Shumee Toys:




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MamaEarth’s New Range: A Product Review



About the brand:

“MamaEarth, is a brand, by a parent, for the parents.”  I loved it when I heard it for the first time. That was the time when I first used their baby care products. I instantly fell in love with this brand. The brand not only just promises but really fulfils the promise of bringing 100% natural products to us. The brand makes products which are 100% toxin free for both mums and babies.

I tried their baby care products and the mama range. The products are extremely gentle in nature. I never faced any kind of skin reactions or allergies. I tried their products for my kids as well as for myself.

What’s new?

The brand has come up with new range of products as Traditional Recipes. I got a chance to try the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for mama and Feel Better Tea. Both the products are new to me but with the trust in the brand I decided to try them.


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

For centuries, vinegar has been known as a popular household item. It is used for various purposes. Apple cider vinegar is the most popular vinegar in this natural health community. There are various benefits of apple cider vinegar but one should be very careful in its usage since it has side effects too. For using it, the directions of usage must be strictly followed.

Key Ingredients of MamaEarth Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar by MamaEarth is prepared from organic Himalayan apples with the goodness of raw enzymes. It has Manuka honey, which is one of the most unique and beneficial honey. The other ingredients included in it are ginger and turmeric.


It is always advisable to shake the bottle first before using it. As per the given directions, 10ml of MamaEarth ACV should be diluted in 250 ml of water. It should be taken half an hour before breakfast.

Benefits of Apple cider vinegar

  1. Weight Loss

Consuming ACV before having breakfast in the morning aids weight loss. ACV makes you feel fuller which means you might like to eat less after having it in the morning. Also, its acidic nature stops you from absorbing the calories from the carbs in your diet.

  1. Natural skin toner

It makes a great natural skin toner which can act as a home remedy to get rid of acne. It leaves the skin look healthier and keeps acne under control.

  1. Breath freshener and teeth whitener

ACV can help kill bacteria that causes bad breath in the mouth. It also helps in removing stains from teeth and makes them white. Rub your teeth with ACV and rinse it with water.

  1. Helps you detox

Drinking ACV diluted in water helps in the overall detoxification of the body.

  1. Hair conditioner

After shampooing your hair, rinse them with ACV solution. It will boost your hair’s body and make them shine. For this mix 10ml of ACV in 250 ml of water.


MamaEarth Apple cider vinegar comes in 500 ml bottle. The ingredients, directions for use and nutritional information are clearly given. It is priced at 599 INR. Since it has to be used in moderation and after diluting in water, it makes it pocket friendly.


Feel Better Tea

The second product which I got to try is the Feel Better Tea.

It’s not easy to become a mom. Acidity and low immunity makes motherhood more difficult. Feel Better Tea helps strengthen immunity and boosts stomach.

Key Ingredients

Feel Better Tea has some of the most awesome herbs in it. Its key ingredients are Nettle leaf, chamomile, mint and ginger.


The product must be used as per the given instructions. To prepare this herb tea, boil 200ml of water. Pour the boiled water onto a tea bag in a ceramic cup. Keep it covered for 10-15 minutes. Drink this tea daily between the meals to feel the benefits.


  1. The presence of Nettle in it helps purify blood and cures stomach upset. It is helpful for acne and skin eczema.
  2. Chamomile helps in calming the nervous system. It builds immunity and aids in digestion. It relaxes mind and promotes good sleep.
  3. Mint is known to boost immune system especially against cold and cough. It also helps reduce menstrual cramping.
  4. Ginger, as its one of the key ingredients, aids in digestion, reducing nausea and helps manage the imbalances in the gut and builds immunity.


A box of Feel Better Tea comes with 30 infusion bags. It is priced at 599 INR. After using it myself and feeling the benefits of it, I find it completely worth its price.


My Views:

I used both the products for a week. Apple cider vinegar has sour taste but is okay when diluted in water. While its benefit for weight loss can be noticed only after 2-3 weeks, other benefits like whitening teeth and controlling bad breath and as a hair conditioner can be immediately seen.

I felt instantly refreshed after having Feel Better Tea. In this change of weather, it is really a very helpful product to fight off cold and coughs.

Where to buy them from?

MamaEarth products are available on Amazon. You can also buy them from their official site.