Book Review: The Adventures of the JP family

Book Review: The Adventures of the JP family

Title: The Adventures of the JP family
Author: Radhika Acharya
Genre: Humor
Where to buy it from: The book is available on Amazon.
Price: INR 90
Number of pages:  81 Kindle pages  


About the Author: Radhika Acharya is born in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. She was brought up in Panjim, Goa; married in Mumbai, Maharashtra and lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  She grew up reading Enid Blyton, Georgette Heyer, PG Wodehouse among others. Her love for writing led her to put pen to paper from her young days when she contributed short, funny articles to the College magazine. She has written articles for regional newspapers like Navhind Times, Goa and is a regular blogger with The Times of India.

She has her personal blog at where she records her humorous observations of life and people.

Blurb: The Adventures of the JP family is a book for the entire family. The book contains 26 short funny stories revolving around a middle class Indian family. It takes the reader through the daily events and situations in an average family told in a racy witty style!

An easy-read book this is a perfect solution to divert your mind from the gloomy and dreary times outside.

The members of the family are totally relatable and so are the situations they find themselves in.

Review: The Adventures of the JP family comprises of 26 short stories based on the experiences of the JP family. The JP family is like any other modern-day Indian family. The cover page of the book reveals the animated avatars of Mr and Mrs JP of the JP family. It gives a hint to the humorous episodes of the book. The family belongs to a small district of Karnataka. It is a family of four with Mr JP, his wife and their two boys. The humour starts from the first page itself where Mr JP or “The Uncle” is allowed to think of him as the head of the family by his wife.

What makes the book stand out is the writer’s ability to find humour in the simple and mundane events of a normal Indian household. These simple events which often get overlooked are portrayed beautifully by the author in a funny way. The South Indian family is portrayed well in the book with each of the characters being presented so realistically that the audience can easily relate to them. The stories are crisp and short. Each story is unique and interesting. The book is a quick read. The humour keeps the reader hooked making it difficult to keep it aside until one reads it till the end.   

I like all the stories but the best one is “Exam Time At The JP Household”. I am sure every mother can relate with The Aunt in this one. Another feature that I like about the book is that each chapter begins with every letter of the English alphabet in that order which makes them more interesting.

JP Family is one family we must get more familiar with. The book is totally recommended from my side.

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