How to stay positive when you fail in your career

How to stay positive when you fail in your career

At some point in time, we might fail in our profession. We put our best efforts, hard work, sincerity; we have the required qualifications as well, but despite all that, we fail. What happens then? We end up being harsh on ourselves. We say a lot of negative things to us, we criticize ourselves, and eventually, we fall into negative thinking. Our positivity is gone!

Today, I want to tell you how we can stay positive when we fail in our career. It is essential to understand what our job means for us? For some, it could mean a source to earn money; for others, it could be a way to realize their dreams and ambitions. For some others, it would be their identity. We often set bigger goals and expect a lot from ourselves. We make career bigger than our life. We forget that it is the life which makes a career and not vice versa.

It is not that I have never met failure in my life. I am writing out of my own experience and learning. I failed many times, I felt broken, shattered and was harsh on myself. But then I realized that I still had a lot with me. Failing in career does not mean, failing in life. Life moves on despite all the losses and failures. If one fails in one particular endeavour, one should move on and try something else. Take it as a part of your journey; a journey doesn’t end even if one road comes to an end; there are always other paths to be explored. Continue moving, and you will find another way which will probably take you to a new destination.

What do I tell myself when I fail?

  1. The failure doesn’t define me. There is still more in me which needs to be explored.
  2. I still have my loved ones with me. My loved ones, who are the reason that I am alive.
  3. That was just a roadblock that I met. The road does not end there.
  4. Look further; there is some more. If one opportunity was gone, there is always something bigger and better in-store.
  5. I am not the only one who failed. There have been many others who have failed many times in their career, so what if I failed? Perhaps, that was not the correct choice in the first place. Probably, there is something else that I should be doing. I need to find that.

It is essential to stay positive and be kind to oneself just as you would try to be helpful to someone else who failed. When some friend of ours fails, we always try to encourage them and cheer them up, why don’t we do the same thing with our self? Why not support our self when we failed?

Where to look for positivity when you feel negative and de-motivated?

  1. Look inside you.

Yes, the answer to every question lies inside you; you need to find it. Whenever you feel discouraged, look inside you and look at the number of times you were successful.

There have been times when you were successful in your endeavours, so what if you failed this time?

2. Look at your loved ones.

Look at those who stood with you always; they are still with you. Connect with your loved ones to bring back the positivity in you. Maybe a few kind words from them, encouraging advice, a gesture of love from them will bring you back to your positive self.

3. Count your blessings.

We all are always blessed to have certain things in our life. It could be anything maybe your house, your family, your ability to think and reason things out, a bright day or perhaps a rain shower in summers. Count the things that you are blessed to have, and you will get a reason to think positively once again.

4. An ending leads to a new beginning.

Yes, you failed once or maybe many times in your career. Perhaps it is time to quit this one and start again! Perhaps you should start with something new and take it as a challenge to fight back! Who knows what lies in store for you?

5. Write about what you feel.

Writing is a therapy in itself. When we write, we get time to reason what is going on inside our mind. We acquire time to pace out those thoughts which are running there and creating chaos in our inner world. It calms down those thoughts and makes us feel calmer.

These are the things which help me stay positive whenever I meet failure in life. Hope it enables you to gain positivity back in your life. Share your learning and experiences with me in the comments section.

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