How to stay positive when you get emotionally hurt

How to stay positive when you get emotionally hurt

Hello everyone, today in my “Staying Positive No Matter What” series, I would like to talk about “How to Stay Positive When you are Emotionally Hurt”. 

Many times we feel low when someone says something harsh to us. We feel deeply hurt by the words of our loved ones or others around us. What to do at that time?

 We start thinking negatively about ourselves at that time. We feel emotionally drained and deplete our mental energy by over-thinking. Why did that person say what he said to us? Why does he/she think about us in such a way? What did I do that made our loved ones feel of us like that? Questions like these affect our mental health. We must try to stay positive under such situations to be in good mental health. It is essential to take care of our emotional and mental health like the way we take care of our physical health. 

Negative thinking affects our emotional and mental health. It makes us feel tired, and we do not find the same interest to carry out our day-to-day activities. 

Whenever we get emotionally hurt, we must try to acknowledge that hurt. We need to accept that it hurts us just the way it does when we are physically wounded. 

Instead of being harsh on ourselves, we should try to be gentle towards us. Treat it as an emotional wound. Analyze the pain, tell yourself how much it hurts and what you need to do to treat it. 

After accepting and acknowledging the hurt, we must take the necessary steps to treat it. If it doesn’t pain much, then let it go, but if it hurts deeply, then it is essential to heal it. Neglecting it or avoiding it will cause more significant pain. Sometimes, the pain becomes too much to bear, and one tends to break down. 

Remember, it’s okay to cry; it is okay to feel what you are feeling at that time but don’t let it go without attending it.

When you get emotionally hurt by someone here is what you can do:

  1. Write it down-

Writing is an exercise which helps us in taking out what is there inside our mind; the thoughts that are troubling us, the feelings which are making us unhappy. It brings certain calmness inside us when we are worried deep within. After putting it down, you can tear it out or burn it if it has been hurting too much. The sight of burning those disturbing thoughts to ashes helps our mind in getting rid of them. 

2. Talk to someone-

There is nothing wrong in telling somebody about how you feel. Share it if it makes you feel better. Tell the other person as to how you want him to react. Do you want that person to listen to your thoughts? Are you looking for advice on that?

3. Go out for a nature walk- 

Nature itself is very healing. By going in the lap of nature, you will feel calm. Feeling the beauty around and let it absorb in will make you feel a lot better. 

4. Meditate- 

Meditation provides us with energy to heal our wounds. When we think and reflect, we gain a more in-depth perspective of viewing things. It helps us in collecting ourselves and makes us stable and peaceful.

 5. Seek professional help- 

When you get hurt deeply, you go to healthcare, in the same way, if you are emotionally distressed and find it challenging to deal with it on your own; you must seek the help of a counsellor. 

Tell yourself that you are not alone. It’s okay to feel sad, it is okay to feel low, but it is essential to stay positive no matter what. 

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