When Purity meets Perfection

As a mother, we always try to choose the right thing for our children and the right kind of products for our kids. In today’s times, it becomes very difficult to choose the best baby care product since the markets are full of innumerable brands. Apart from choosing the right brand, it is also difficult to choose the right products based on the ingredients.

There are two types of products based on the ingredients – 1) the natural products and 2) the chemical based ones. We all get scared when it comes to using a product which has “chemicals” in it. But don’t you think that almost every product has the presence of chemicals in it? Most importantly, have we ever wondered why are chemicals added into a product?

Look at, for instance, one of the most common things that we use daily – the pickles. Why are pickles really made and how are they made? Making pickles is basically a form of food preservation. Adding salt or sugar to food items protects it from getting spoiled due to the actions of bacteria or fungi. Even common salt is a chemical known as sodium chloride.We add it in almost every food item that we consume and it is a preservative!

Then, why do we get scared when we see sodium chloride written as an ingredient or a preservative in a market-based product?

When it comes to choosing baby care products we say that natural is better and chemicals are harmful. Every “natural” product needs chemicals to protect it from bacterial or fungal actions. The products are not safe to use if it does not have any kind of chemicals. If we ever look closely and try to understand the list of ingredients we will notice that it has a certain amount of chemical ingredients hidden under the use of another language. For instance, the natural products will have their ingredients listed in Sanskrit generating the impressions that the ingredients are only natural based and not chemicals.

Recently, I attended the launch event of the new range of Johnson’s Baby products. Johnson’s Baby Products have always been one of the safest products in terms of baby care. Their products are designed by highly qualified experts and go through the most stringent tests and safety levels. For the happiness of moms and to keep in sync with the changing times, they have updated and come up with the new range. The new range does not have any parabens, sulphates, dyes or phthalates. The ingredients are tested for 12 months. The new range is hypoallergenic and Ph Balanced. They are dermatologically tested for allergies.

The event was an eye-opening one. In the past, there have been several controversies about Johnson’s products as not being safe anymore. I really feel sad to know that a lack of awareness and media hype is tarnishing the image of a well-reputed brand that has been in the market for about 125 years.

The team of Johnson’s came upfront to answer all the queries of moms and told us how their products do not have asbestos or any carcinogens. Johnson’s Baby powder which has been under the greatest number of controversies has U.S. Pharmacopoeia grade talc to make sure that it meets the highest quality and purity.

Johnson’s have reduced the chemical ingredients in their products by 50% making them gentler and milder. The products are safer than before, upgraded to meet the evolving times and meet up the expectations of every mother who wants to choose gentle and milder products for her baby.

The launch event and the face to face interaction with the brand re-affirmed my faith and trust in Johnson’s. I can easily say that Johnson’s products were the best, are the best and will always be the best for every baby.

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When Purity Meets Perfection 

Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On and After Bite Roll on : Product Review

I must say, every time, my kiddo sees a new mama earth product, she runs after it and becomes excited to use it. She loves to see the cute baby animals on its bottles and knows it is something for her. She adores the fragrance of mama earth products and loves to use them. For me, it is my trusted brand now.

This time mama earth has come up with the solution of two very common problems of babies that makes every mother easily worried:

1. Colic

2. Insect bite

Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On

Every mother knows how painful it is to see her baby crying and unable to sleep at night due to colic. Colic is very common in babies. I used to keep asafoetida handy and apply it around the navel of my baby by mixing it in water and making a paste. It’s a common home remedy that works well most of the time.

Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On has Olive Oil, Hing oil, Dill seed oil, fennel oil, peppermint oil and ginger oil as its key ingredients. When babies get colic, all one has to do it to gently rub the roll on around the navel. It provides relief in no time to the baby.

The roll on bottle is very easy to carry and can be easily kept in the diaper bags. It is very handy and easy to use.

It is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals or alcohol.

Mama Earth after Bite Roll On

No mother likes to see the swelling on the apple cheeks of their little ones after insect bites. The swelling and itchiness can become very painful at times. Mama Earth after bite roll on works very effectively against mosquito and other insect bite. Its key ingredients are coconut oil, calendula oil, peppermint oil and Roman Chamomile Oil.

The anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties of coconut oil are very helpful in soothing rashes, disinfecting cuts and promoting healing of wounds. Calendula oil helps soothe sore, inflamed and itchy skin. Peppermint oil gives a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the skin. Roman Chamomile oil acts as a skin healer and relieves skin irritations.

With the goodness of all these natural oils and a perfectly easy to carry roll on bottle makes Mama Earth after Bite Roll on the perfect solution to insect bites for kids.

Where to Buy

Mama Earth products are available on all the leading online portals and also from their official site : https://mamaearth.in/

Mother Sparsh Product Review

Nowadays, the markets are flooded with a range of baby products. We can see newer brands coming up every other day in Baby Bath range. Recently, I got a chance to try Mother Sparsh Baby Bath Range. I had tried Mother Sparsh Lal Tail earlier and quite liked it, so I was convinced to try more products from the same brand. The brand provides 100% Ayurvedic products. The products are parabens free, phthalates free and thus “worry free”.

Mother Sparsh Baby Bath range comprises of Baby Powder, Baby Soap, Baby Body Wash and Baby Lotion. Every child is different and has different skincare requirements too. Based on the skin type of the baby one can choose which product to go in for from this range.

Mother Sparsh Baby Soap

Mother Sparsh Baby Soap has olive oil and almond oil as its key ingredients. It has all the natural ingredients and is 100% chemical free. It cleanses and moisturises the body well. Kids spend a lot of time in bathing and love to play in water, Mother Sparsh Baby Soap remains gentle on their delicate skin.

A very reasonably priced one, it comes in the shape of a rectangular white bar of 75 grams priced at INR 48.

It is available on their official site as well as leading e commerce sites.


Mother Sparsh Baby Powder

Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is enriched with Tulsi and Aloe Vera. It is 100% Ayurvedic. The key ingredients are Tulsi, neem and ghritkumari. A very soothing powder on baby’s delicate skin. The fragrance is long lasting and refreshing. It keeps the baby’s skin dry and sweat free during the summers and monsoons. It prevents the itchiness caused by sweat in the summer heat.

The beautiful white 100 gm bottle is priced at INR 62. It can be purchased from their official website as well as on leading e commerce sites.

Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

I liked the Baby Body Wash which has the no tears formula. It is parabens free and silicon free. The key ingredients of this product are Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Neem and Haldi. It is very mild and gentle.  It does not make the skin dry after bathing. The sweet fragrance is quite long lasting.

The price for a 100ml bottle is about INR 85 which makes it extremely pocket friendly.

Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion

My personal favourite in this range is the Baby Lotion. The key ingredients of this product are Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Wheat Kernal Oil and Fruit Oil. It spreads easily and gets quickly absorbed. It helps in making the baby’s skin soft and supple. It moisturises the skin thoroughly and leaves a lasting fragrance.

It comes in a beautiful white bottle of 100 ml which is priced at INR 85.





Mother Sparsh Lal Tail Review

Massaging a new born is a very special time to bond with a new born baby. Baby massage helps a mother and a baby to understand each other. Massaging benefits a baby in several ways. It helps the baby connect with his mother by way of touch. The baby feels pampered and smiles all the way which is a very special moment. Massaging if fun and relaxing both for the mother and the baby.  It helps the baby to sleep for a longer time. It is a way of expressing love for the babies.

Ayurvedic Lal tail has always been known to promote the natural growth of the baby. Mother Sparsh brings to us a Lal Tail which is enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic Herbs. It helps strengthen the bones and muscles. It contains sesame oil which helps improve blood circulation in the body. It is very nourishing and helps in the natural body growth. It is 100% ayurvedic and parabens free.

Recently, my daughter met an accident and got her foot fractured. After her plaster was removed, she started going for her sports classes and school. At night, she would complain of pain her foot. I started massaging her foot gently with Mother Sparsh Lal Tail at night. In a few days, her pain was gone. The scar left by the accident on the foot also started fading. She started regaining her muscular strength in her fractured foot. The oil helped her sleep comfortably at night. The warmth of the oil is very relaxing and soothing.

The oil spreads easily which leads to a good massage. It gets quickly absorbed by the skin and makes it soft and supple. After experiencing myself and noticing its benefits, I would strongly recommend it to others.