Ten Fun Games to Play with Kids while Travelling

Christmas holidays are around the corner and we have already made our travel plans for the New Year celebrations with our friends. With my 2 kids I generally start planning much ahead and start preparing my list of all the essentials. Apart from the other essentials, I prepare a separate handbag for kids in which I keep some things to keep the kids entertained throughout the journey. The bag usually kids little knick knacks to keep them busy.

During the journey, we often have to wait in long queues at the airport or at other places, even while travelling by car, kids become irritable and impatient by sitting at one place.To kill this boredom while waiting and keep our little ones engaged, we play some fun games which do not require any props and make their brain tickle too.


Here’s a list of ten fun waiting games to challenge the brain of our little ones and let them have fun while travelling and waiting almost anywhere.

  1. What’s there in my purse?

After becoming a mother, my handbag has become like a smaller version of a cupboard which has a small size packing of almost everything, from small packet of wet wipes, sanitizer, small moisturiser, hand wash liquid, small toys, makeup essentials, little snack packets and what not. All these things make my bag a curious corner for the kids. I take advantage of it and play a game with them. I ask them to list or guess ten things that might be there in my purse. The one who comes closest to, wins the game.

  1. What’s missing?

I place ten things in front of them. Ask them to remember the things for about ten seconds. After that I tell them to close their eyes for a few seconds and while they are doing so, I hide 2-3 things. My children have to guess the things that are missing. It helps in making their memories strong and they have lots of fun too.


  1. True or lie?

For this game, one member takes a turn and says three statements. Two statements out of them needs to be false and one statement should be true. The other members have to guess which statements are true and which ones are lies. This is a fun game in which other members can join in too.

  1. How many can you name?

Think of any general category, for example, birds. Ask the child to name as many words as he can think of in that category in ten seconds. May be the name of ten birds or parts of the body of birds. With older kids, you can be more specific like, flightless birds or birds of prey. Modify the game according to the age of the child and have fun.

  1. Drop a coin

This game is played with a coin. The challenge of this game is to drop it in such a way so that it lands on your shoe and not on the floor. It becomes fun when each participant takes turn to drop the coin.

  1. Word chain

This one is our favourite. The game begins by saying loud an alphabet. One person starts by saying a word with that alphabet, for example, garden. The next player has to add a word starting with the last letter of the previous word, for example, garden, necklace. The next one will continue the chain by saying all the previous words of the chain and adding one more word, for example, garden, necklace, escalator, so on.

  1. DMAS

We play this game every time we are travelling by road or car. This game is based on the concept of DMAS of Maths. So, it is for older kids who are familiar with division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. I must say, this is our saviour during all the traffic jams. For this, one person tells out the four digits from the number plate of any car which he spots on the road. The digit must be between 1- 9. The other members have to use the four operation of DMAS and make the equivalent zero. Sounds easy? Try it for some food for the brains.


  1. Atlas

My kids love to play this game with their dad in the car. The game begins by saying an alphabet. The first player has to say the name of any city, country or continent with that letter, the next player will then say the name of another city, country or continent beginning with the last letter of the previously said place. For example, the first player says, India. The next player will say the name of any city, country or continent beginning with the letter ‘a’. For example, Asia. This game becomes super fun when all the members join in.

  1. In my purse is a story

Kids love to invent stories. They can create a story out of anything. Give them three things from your purse and challenge them to invent a story around those three things. I am sure you will have some of the craziest stories that will make you laugh during those boring long waits and long journey.

  1. Imaginary traveller

This one goes with the consecutive alphabets. Tell the children that they are travellers in a fantasy land. They have to build a sentence using the name of a place, person and object that they are going to visit and taking along. For example, I am going to Aunt Anita’s house in Alaska and taking my Armchair along. The next player starts with the next alphabet. Tell them to be as silly as they can be.

Try these ideas and make your next journey as fun as it can be. Do share with me your ideas too in the comment box and let our kids have fun while travelling.

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Monsoon Must Haves for Travelling


This year we went for two outstation trips that too in monsoons. Monsoon is a beautiful time. Though it makes you stay indoors but I must say we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly during our outstation trips. A little preparation beforehand and monsoon gives you the memories of a lifetime.

With two little kids, I must say travelling during monsoons did not appeal to me but honestly, I am glad now that we did.

Here is a list of monsoon must haves while travelling that you must carry in your bags:

1)   Raincoats and umbrellas

I found raincoats handier while travelling with kids. It is better to cover the kids with raincoats than umbrellas. Kids get tired and very often you have to carry them. At that time it becomes difficult to carry and umbrella along with the child. Raincoats gives them freedom to play and move.


Pic courtesy: AliExpress.com

2)   Rubber boots

Rubber boots or rubber footwear are certainly the best when travelling outstation during the rains. They can be cleaned easily and gets dried soon. Rubber sandals are less slippery and allows the feet to breathe and become dry.

rubber sandalsPic Courtesy: Ebay.com


3) Hand wash, sanitizers and wet wipes

These are the absolute must haves. Kids have the habit of touching everything they see. They tend to get their hands dirty and then try to wipe their hands with their clothes.  A small bottle of liquid hand wash and wipes comes to the rescue at that time. Wash their hands quickly and wipe them. If you cannot find water, then wipe their hands with wet wipes and put hand sanitizer.

Keeping hands clean is extremely essential to keep them safe from germs.

sanitisers Pic Courtesy: xaluan.com

4)   Mosquito repellent cream

Keeping a good natural mosquito repellent cream in your carry bag is also a must. Even if you apply it in the morning, chances are that it might get washed off after getting wet in the rains. A re-application becomes important to prevent mosquito bites.

odomospic courtesy: mouthshut.com

5)   Extra pair of clothes and snack packets

While travelling outdoors during monsoons, it is important to carry an extra pair of clothing for kids. In case kids get wet, it is advisable that you change their clothes during the journey to prevent them from catching cold.

The streets and roads become water clogged resulting in traffic jams. To prevent kids from becoming cranky while travelling, it is necessary that you carry snack packets which they can munch on. Even if they sleep in your arms, you are relaxed that they are not sleeping hungry stomach.

I must say, that by keeping in mind these tips, we had a great time with kids on our trips during the rains. Kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly giving us more reasons to enjoy ourselves.